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A motley crew gathered at Singapore Botanic Gardens, catching up with news about the Draft Blue Plan launch, International Coastal Cleanup and a few upcoming seminars.

The NJC Greenlink students who are co-organising Envirofest turned up and we found the room left unlocked helpfully. So we all settled down and got started after a roll call – it helps that we mostly know each other so we could figured out who was coming and get started.

The NJC students presented the theme for the year – the family, and provided an overview on powerpoint that featured the fringe events, the tagline options and publicity.

In addition to the NJC students, Wenhua has recruited AJC and Cedar Girls Secondary students. Of course, Wenhua was her usual whirlwind self, having just come after her last exams as a student over at NTU. As she rapidly fired information at us, I’d stopped multi-tasking and concentrated like the rest did!

We had 21 organisations on board – with the venue and date changes she has been battling with these past few months (partly due to the depressed economy), it was inevitable that some organisations had other commitments (including an AGM!). recruitment is not over and with some new faces to the scene, a clearly defined lifestyle section looks to be possible for the first time.

With most of the unknowns out of the way, a discussion broke out amongst the biodiversity groups to see if a trail, anchored by NPArks, would be possible. The venue at Toa Payoh Hub posed some challenges due to its porous and crowded nature and we pondered over a rough map to see if a new approach would be possible.

Since we’re (wisely) adopting the “one step at a time” philosophy to Envirofest, after a discussion, we decided to experiment with the biodiversity groups this year and see what we could learn from the experience for future years.

Will it work, will it not work? We’ll see…

Now its down to each of us to recruit manpower, train our guides and get ready with information about the various groups as well as the special free events for the public AFTER Envirofestt. It certainly is going to be a great event to learn about grassroots environmental volunteerism in Singapore!

Our third and final meeting is on 15th May 2009 at Singapore Botanic Gardens at 7.00pm. We should all be ready by then!


Envirofest 2009 is happening on 23 and 24 May! We are so glad that we have Toa Payoh HDB Hub as our venue. It has tremendous human traffic and that’s what all of us want for the venue.

This year, we are very honoured to have Minister Yaacob Ibrahim as our Guest-of-Honour again! He will be gracing the event on 23 May.

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