Envirofest Singapore

The Venue: Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Posted on: 12 February 2009

LATEST NEWS! Kolam Ayer YEC has clinched HDB Hub for 6th and 7th June 2009 for Envirofest!

Finally!! Top Number 1 headache for Envirofest is getting the venue. Of course, the Top Number 2 headache is getting the $$$.>

And talking about $$$, having Envirofest in June means we are no longer eligible for SHINE Festival funding. I have been thinking about how Envirofest can leverage on SHINE Festival to make it an even bigger event. So when my friend first broke the news that all weekends of July were fully booked, I broke down. No July = No SHINE Festival = No good funding.

Alright, there is no point licking my wound over this. We immediately booked the best next date which is the beginning of June. It is actually what we wanted in the first place. It will be Great Singapore Sale and the crowd will be impossible!! On top of that, it will also be the start of the school holidays. That means a lot of things: 1) more young children and youths in the crowd; 2) more involvement from interested school groups; 3) various eco groups can have post-Envirofest activities and trips throughout the whole of the school holiday!


As for the funding, I will continue to source for more options.


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