Envirofest Singapore

Anderson Junior College participation

Posted on: 12 February 2009

Doing Envirofest is not an easy job, especially when I am a lazy pig and procrastinating is my only forte. However, I am grateful that I have a good bunch of friends who are resourceful and more importantly, more hardworking than me!

After sharing my entire things-to-do list for Envirofest with my Best Friend, who happens to be teaching in Anderson Junior College, he exclaimed, “You have found just the right person for this!”

He shared that AJC is trying to let their students participate in some green initiatives, but they still haven’t got anything firm up yet. He recommended me to send invitation and Envirofest proposal to the teacher I/C and see if they are willing to come in as a student group.

This is exactly what I will call as WIN-WIN situation!!

So far, I can sense that AJC is keen, but the teachers are so busy with their work these days that I still haven’t got a YES from them yet.

In my proposal to AJC, I shared with them that Envirofest would need exhibition guides (who are capable of speaking English and Mandarin/Malay/any other dialects) to lead public around our exhibition. On top of that, I am also looking for students who have better writing skills and discipline than me to do reporting and media kit.

This is how we can complement one another! In return, we can put up their school logo for publicity, feature them in our media kit and the students might even receive interviews from the press!

I sincerely hope AJC can be part of the Envirofest team. With more capable people on the team, I am 100% sure we all can achieve higher height!!


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