Envirofest Singapore

5th Feb 2009 – A wonderful exchange among us!!

Posted on: 6 February 2009

Yesterday many representatives from various eco groups turned up at Botanic Garden at 7.30 pm to discuss about Envirofest.

When I first reached the foodcourt to meet Jamie at 7.10 pm, I already spotted many greenies among the tables. I must admit I was already getting nervous in meeting these veteran green volunteers. I sincerely hope I can garner their support for Envirofest 2009 (and of course various Envirofest in the coming years). Envirofest is really for them!!

Alright, though I was a bundle of nervous energy, I was very amazed at the attendance of this meeting. There were …

  1. Me!
  2. Siva – Toddycats!
  3. Ria – WildSingapore
  4. Karen – NParks
  5. Shawn Lum – Nature Society
  6. Brandon – NEA
  7. Grant – Green Volunteers
  8. Jaki – Sea Shepherd
  9. Gaytri Meriange – Team Seagrass
  10. Yeow – Vegetarian Society
  11. Andy – Team Seagrass
  12. Ann – Waterways Watch Society
  13. James – ACRES
  14. Ley Kun – Naked Hermit Crabs
  15. Debby – The Hantu Bloggers
  16. Eugene – AsiaIsGreen
  17. Grace – SEC
  18. Sherlene – NJC Greenlink
  19. Jamie
  20. Yunus – Kolam Ayer CC
Meeting with friends of Envirofest

Meeting with friends of Envirofest

That was surely an enthusiastic crowd, everyone had some experience to share, an idea to propose and suggestion for improvement!

I forgot when was the last time I had such a dynamic meeting! Hmmm, this was 100% participation from everyone. WOW~


This is the summary of what we had discussed and would follow up on:

  • Participating organisations can showcase their works in various creative form. For eg, SEC suggested the very cool Segway (which I’ve always dreamt of inviting to Envirofest); Sea Shepherd hopes to have a huge inflatable shark on display, marine groups can bring diving gears for kids or youths to try on, Toddycats! will bring down their specimens, Team Seagrass has their seagrass on display too!
  • Besides exhibition on the ground, groups which have any public programmes or stage items can use a timeslot on our stage to ra-ra the crowd. 🙂 I am waiting for Dr Vilma to link me up with Woodlands Ring Primary School, heard that they have a skit to share about eco-living. Any organisations which are keen in putting up something, please feel free to inform me.
  • One of the issues we touched on was the giving out of freebies. Some of us were concerned if we could attract crowds without freebies, some agreed that we could use many other forms to entice our audience. We could work more on this in the coming meetings.
  • My own personal objective is to just to introduce the various nature related projects and trips to the public. So I sincerely hope organisations which have exisiting trips or outings could open at least one session to allow public to sign up during Envirofest. This could be one of the freebies we can give out. For those who don’t do trips, I hope we can come out with some post-event activities with our creativity and capacity.
  • I am still in the midst of applying for grant and venue. Will continue to update everyone~
  • Together with NJC Greenlink, we will continue getting more organisations and clubs to join Envirofest.

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