Envirofest Singapore

Meeting with co-organisers, Greenlink NJC

Posted on: 13 January 2009

Sherlene and Kaisheng, who are the President and Vice President of Greenlink NJC respectively, met up with me to update each other on the progress of Envirofest.

Greenlink, being the co-organiser of Envirofest 2009, had been actively involved in the past two Envirofests. 🙂 And I was truly excited when this group of young green minds agreed to embark this journey with me.

I mentioned to them that the event has to be postponed to July due to bad funding and venue support and they shared that theirexams will be around that period too. Hmmm … I really hope they have enough manpower to run the show with me on the first weekend of July, but they are still contributing ALOT to this event.

They proposed an art competition for the juniors, which is fantastic, because having children around would make the event more youthful (haha) and we are sure that this can attract many other parents and young families too.

On top of this, Greenlink hopes to gather enough can tabs to hold a “Guess the Number of Can Tabs” competition to engage passers-by.

They have also liaised with NJC Art club to help out in Envirofest as well. 🙂 I am really poor in the designing the publicity material, so the participation of the Art club is really a bonus for us. 🙂


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