Envirofest Singapore

Rounding up nature groups

Posted on: 12 January 2009

After Envirofest 2008, I dashed off some observations on the Toddycats blog. Amongst the notes was this:

  • Exhibitions of this nature have always been the best time to network and plan, and Envirofest itself was the main topic of discussions that I had with various other groups.
  • Unable to cope with numerous festivals and exhibition requests, I would like at least one major predictable festival that the community can plan, prepare for and collaborate on.
  • Also, to collectively offer activities to the public in the weeks after Envirofest.
  • Everyone I talked to was game, so Wenhua, call for a post-Envirofest debrief!

Wenhua, Ria, Karen and myself, along with Debby met after the first day of IYOR (08/08/08) to catch up with this discussion during Envirofest earlier in July. We sketched out a rough plan in which the nature groups would look to getting a bit more organised so Wenhua can focus on the venue, sposorship and the like. Over email later, Eugene from Asia is Green agreed to do the likewise for green businesses.

Since then, I’ve had a couple more meetings with Wenhua and at the last on 7th January 2009, she updated me about the NJC students who will run this blog, the venue and sponsorship options which have of course dried up with the financial climate. Still, she is about to confirm a date and it will be time for us to get things started very soon…


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