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We agreed that it is extremely important to have a theme for Envirofest, to have a message that we want to bring across. “Celebrating Singapore’s Environment” seems appropriate enough. I like to use this word “celebrating” for Envirofest, because Envirofest is indeed a festival, an event for people to enjoy our own environment.

I have been to so many nature places in Singapore, and none of these places ever disappoint me. 🙂 They range from peaceful forest, lovely walks with bird-eye view to colourful corals. There is surely a place for any moods.

And I just want to share these places with many other people.

Then, there are so many groups promoting Singapore’s environment. These passionate conservationists have been around way before this green movement last year. I was blown away by the kind of solid work that they are working on and whenever I joined them for any activities, they were full of fun and colours. I love it!! It was such a pity that many many Singaporeans do not even know that these places exist.

I want to share this with them. I want to enjoy our own environment together.

And Envirofest is the best way I could do this. To bring first-timers to enjoy our environment, to let them know more about what our own local environmental groups have been doing for our little exotic island.

After two Envirofests (2006 and 2008), I am even more sure of my mission for this. So, I am working hard towards the next one – Envirofest 2009!



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