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I met up with Siva, Ria and Karen on 8/8/2008 to discuss about Envirofest. The aim was to come up with plans, ideas and strategies to make Envirofest an annual event, i.e. a sustainable event. 🙂

I was secretly delighted because I knew with their many experiences, powerful contacts and contagious passion, the next Envirofest would definitely be a better one.

They are very kind to offer to help me out with the planning of Envirofest. 🙂 They would be able to gather the environmental groups together for a tighter collaboration, in the hope of coming up with more meaningful and interesting programmes throughout the two days of event.

We brainstormed the following:

1) a quiz which the public can go around each booth to get answers

2) story-telling by children for children

3) interactive booths and exhibits

4) presentation of awards to volunteers (e.g. Most Creative, Best Blogger, Most Garang)

etc etc and etc… …

On my side, my committee is working on getting the venue. We decided to try shopping centres like Suntec, Bugis Junction or Plaza Singapura. If none of them is willing to be the venue supporter by end of Jan, I would go get HDB Hub Mall, which was also the venue for Envirofest 2006. 🙂

Although I have this special thing for HDB Hub (haha, it being the place where Envirofest was born), I prefer the shopping centres where we can find more youths and young families. They are my target audience! So I shall pray very hard and hope we can land a more hip venue for Envirofest. 🙂

Good news!! Eugene from AsiaIsGreen is willing to help us liaising with the eco companies. That is great! We all feel that the eco companies are an important component of Envirofest. After knowing more about the kinds of eco products available, the public can make a more conscious decision when buying daily consumption products.




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